About Nuula

  • What is Nuula?

    Nuula is a mobile platform that gives small business owners instant access to critical business metrics and capital anytime, anywhere. The app’s tools allow real-time monitoring of cash flow, revenue, sales, personal and business credit activity, and social ratings and reviews. Small business owners know immediately if there’s an issue with their finances, credit, or reputation that requires action. With Nuula, the things that matter most to a small business’s success are always at their fingertips.

  • What is Nuula’s mission?

    At Nuula, we believe there’s a better, simpler way to manage your small business — so we’re building it. Nuula is a mobile application that gives small business owners instant access to helpful content, critical business metrics, and innovative financial products, anytime, anywhere. It provides small business owners with the tools, content, and capital they need to be successful in a modern, competitive market.

  • What are Nuula’s company values?

    Nuula is guided by a core set of three values:

    Passion: We’re passionate about building a world where innovation flourishes and small businesses thrive.

    Simplicity: We believe there’s a better, simpler way to manage your business. Anytime, anywhere, on your terms.

    Empowerment: We’re empowering small business owners to realize their dreams through knowledge, tools, and capital.

Contact us

  • How do I contact support?

    Start with our FAQs! We have tons of great information that will help you resolve most issues quickly and efficiently. If you need more help:

    1. Chat: resolve your issue through the chatbot or live chat with an agent. Just visit our website and click 'Chat with us'.

    2. Email us:

    3. Phone: +1 888 733 5365 [Monday to Friday 9:00-6:00 pm EST]