How can I use Nuula to increase my chances of qualifying for a Personal Loan?

Based on the reasons why you might not have qualified for a Personal Loan, here are some ways you can use the Nuula app to increase your chances of qualifying for capital in the future:

  1. Activate the Personal Credit Health tool in the app to keep a daily watch on your Experian credit report. The Personal Credit Health tool sends you alerts when there is activity on your credit file or a change in your credit score. The tool also displays your current credit score key factors – helping you to understand what is currently hurting or helping your personal credit score. You can use this data to help you on your journey to improving your personal credit score.
  2. Activate the Cash Flow Health tool in the app to monitor all of your business bank accounts in one place. Our AI will monitor your cash flow and let you know ahead of time if we predict a cash shortfall in one of your accounts. You can also set “safe limits” for each account and receive real-time alerts whenever you’re approaching a low balance. Staying on top of your cash flow will help you avoid shortfalls which can cause late or missed payments and impact your credit score.
  3. Read our Nuula article on How to increase your access to capital by managing your personal and business credit scores

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