Who is OneVest?

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OneVest is a digital wealth management platform that offers a broad set of asset classes and investment strategies that help investors better reach their goals.

As a small business owner, it’s likely that a significant portion of your assets are invested in your business. You need a solution to diversify your investments that afford you liquidity when you need it for your business. Nuula partnered with OneVest to design a wealth management solution purpose-built for small business owners.

OneVest helps you set goals and achieve them by organizing your portfolio around your milestones. Your portfolio is actively managed and automatically rebalanced, so you don't need to research or monitor the market. There’s no minimum investment, and you are able to access investments that are typically only available to large institutions or the 1%. By enabling fractional shares, OneVest gives small business owners access to investment services typically gated behind massive capital requirements.

You can apply for a OneVest account seamlessly within the Nuula app, and view your portfolio status at a glance within the Nuula app once you’re live.

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