How do I activate the Personal Credit Health tool?

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1. In Metrics, scroll to the Personal Credit Health tile and tap Activate


2. We’ve partnered with Experian to provide your personal credit score. You’ll be asked to answer questions based on your personal credit report that will be used by Experian to verify your identity. To start, tap Next.


3. Enter your personal information and tap Next


4. Answer one or more questions from Experian

5. If answered correctly, your identity will be verified and your Personal Credit Health tool will be activated in the Nuula app


6. If you answered incorrectly, your identity will not be verified and you will have to try again. Tap Retry.


7. You will have three attempts to verify your identity. If you are unsuccessful you will have to wait 72 hours to try again

  • Please call Experian to verify by phone at 1-800-111-1111 or wait 72 hours and try the questionnaire again


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