How do I activate the Cash Flow Health tool?

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1. In Metrics, scroll to the Cash Flow Health tile and tap Get started


2. To learn more about the Cash Flow Health tool, click through the carousel by tapping Next or tap Skip in the top right corner


3. Review the Plaid End User Privacy Policy and tap the Continue button

  • By selecting Continue you are agreeing to the Plaid End User Privacy Policy


4. Find your bank by entering your bank name in the Search box


5. Select your bank from the list

  • If your bank institution is not listed, you cannot activate this tool


6. Enter in your bank User Name/User ID and Password/PIN


7. Tap Submit (please tap only once)


8. Answer any security questions required by your bank

9. Your bank will ask you to verify your identity via Text or Email

10. Select one of the two options and click Continue

11. Enter the security code sent to you via text or email and select Submit

12. Your account has been successfully linked to Nuula

13. Select Continue to view your current Cash Flow  


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